2NE1 as the Power Puff Girls


♦   Ssantokki (Park Sandara, 박산다라)
She had to fight for her dream and family. She’s been through too many hardships but gained the strength to get through it with her family. Despite people telling her she has no talent, she kept fighting. She’s the vitamin of 2NE1 and is the Public Relations manager of 2NE1.

♠   Chaerin (Lee Chae Rin, 이채린)
She started training at YG at a young age, but showed us her leading skills and true worth when 2NE1 debuted. She always helps her members and teaches them. Her confidence is inspiring but she’ll never forget to be kind and care about others.

♥   Bommie (Park Bom, 박봄)
She never gives up. She was rejected by YG several times, but she always returned. She started her singing career against her parents’ wish. She was fighting for her dream and never ever gave up. She’s the other vitamin in 2NE1 and possesses great insight in character of others.

♣   Mingkki (Gong Min Ji, 민지)
She was the youngest when she started training at YG, which might not always have been very easy for her. But she worked hard to show that she can definitely do it. She’s known for her excellent dancing and amazing voice, and she has a lot more to show.

10/30 Kpop shooting you down.