I love everything about Britney in the S&S Remix

She’s prettier than ever and she’s fierce bitch is fierce omg

Next era will slay the basic bitches

There is a perfection and it’s called Britney Spears

idk what is funnier britney’s face or the comments omg

omg britney’s tag is so funny rn

Britney explaining why she broke up with Kevin.


Happy Birthday to the one and only Britney Jean Spears! Today our beloved Britney Spears completes 31 years old. Our baby grew up so fast and turned into a beautiful woman, a flawless human being, an incredible person, an iconic popstar. Britney, we’re not just glad that you are a part of our lives, we’re thankful that you exist to be part of it. We don’t know what we would do without you. You inspire us, you help us, you love us. And we love you much. I think ‘We love you’ is not enough, there should be another word to express what we feel for you, it’s beyond words. All of your fans wish you a Happy Birthday, an awesome day beside your family and the ones you love the most. It’s your special day. Enjoy it! God bless you even more than you already are blessed. We care about you. We love you.

omg I just can’t with ‘hannah’ tweeting

so cute

Dead @ britney tweeting hannah (herself) on twitter omg

That’s why I love Britney so much look at that how can you not love her

So cute.

Britney Spears > The X Factor > Live Shows