Not everyone in this world is blessed with an understanding, trustworthy, caring and loving friend. That is exactly why I consider myself so incredibly lucky because Angels are few, and so are you. 

May your day be just as wonderful as the person you are, and God bless you and grant you all your dreams. Love you dearly alreadymademywish Tanja.

OMG I’m literally crying right now, no lie.

I have no words to explain what I’m feeling, I just wanna THANK YOU TANJA, I love you so much and you know that. ‘Thank you’ is not even enough for what I want to say, what you mean to me. I am the lucky person here, because I have you in my life.

God blessed me with your friendship and I only thank Him for put such a great, incredible person in my life. Thank you sweetie, for everything. This is the best thing someone gave me in my life, because it has true words and love. I love you, I really do. Thank you again.

My crushes:

This is perfect! They’re amazing, follow them ♥

Happy birthday to the most amazing person  in the world!

Tanja! It’s your birthday! Probably when you read this, is not your birthday anymore but, like I said to you, it’s your birthday week.

Ok, I know I’m late (as usual) but you don’t know how much love this post has.

Tonite, while I was making these gifs and stuff, I was remembering when we got to know each other and I thanked God for letting me come into your life. I know we are only online and stuff, but the friendship is the same. Your are one of my greatest friends. And in this super especial day, I wish that every single dream you have, come true. Also love, peace, blessing…there’s a bunch of good things, I can’t list them all, but I wish all of them to you, dear :D

So, this is from my heart, simple words but much love. Did you noticed the theme I chose to make the gifs?

God bless you so much, sweetie.

In me you have a friend, you can count on me whenever you want. 

Love you <3 <3

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  1. how did you find my tumblr? Someone posted a link to chatlr, I guess, and you were there, then I started talking to you *-*
  2. why did you even follow me? At the beginning because you were really nice to me, but I found out you are amazing.
  3. what do you love the most about brit? her humbleness
  4. fave brit tour? Dream Within A Dream <3
  5. when did you make your blog? In July of the past year
  6. why did you make your blog? I wanted something to show the real me and to kinda express myself. And share things I like with people who like the same things as me.
  7. do you like meeee? lol - yeeees, I do like you.
  8. idk, do you know? I know wat
  9. are you creative? Not that much
  10. i’m not creative so… are you hungry? I’m always hungry
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  1. When you wake up what’s the first thing you think of?
  2. Do you think I am annoying?
  3. Britney Bitch or Britney Virgin?
  4. Justin, Kevin or Jason T?
  5. What’s the thing you like the most about yourself?
  6. Do you like playing videogames?
  7. Do you like another music style besides pop?
  8. What kinda music style?
  9. What would you do if you see Britney walking on the street near to you?
  10. Do you love someone you can’t have by some reason? Britney is not included lol
  11. Say bye to me?
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Such an amazing collage made by a lovely person deserves this & more

Radar - Britney Spears

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